April 16th, 2013

The Center for Asian Research’s Brown Bag Lecture Series: “The Sacred and the Secular: Liang-Zhu as a Narrative of Locality in China and Korea”

Sookja Cho
Asst. Professor, Korean
School of International Letters and Cultures
12:00- 1:30
COOR 6615
This study focuses on the narrative of Liang-Zhu (Butterfly Lovers) in China and Korea and investigates how one local love tale has resided in, carried out, traveled through, and multiplied throughout numerous localities of China and Korea. In particular, by paying attention to the tale’s deep engagement with folk religious ideas and associations with the butterfly image, the study shows how the tale has served ever-present desires and feelings, such as love, affection, freedom, and hope of local people. In this, Liang-Zhu has served as a popular religious story and a common, though under-acknowledged, vessel of healing and comfort for people in need across generations.

The presentation includes a field report of the China and Korea research trip from summer 2012.