February 19th, 2013

The Center for Asian Research’s Brown Bag Lecture Series: “CLT and Immersion in CLS Malang Indonesia: What make a successful Language Abroad Program”

Peter Suwarno
Associate Professor
School of International Letters and Cultures
12 Pm, Noon
COOR 6615

CLS (Critical Language Scholarship) is an intensive Indonesian abroad program sponsored by the US State Department administered by American Councils for International Education, and is held in Universitas Negeri Malang. CLS Malang attempted to implement an immersion with the emphasis of employing Eclectic Communicative Language Teaching (CLT). Different pre-tests and post-tests results by ACIE and by UNM determine that CLS Malang, despite its many challenges, is one of the most successful language summer programs. Why? This project will investigate assessments, tests and exams, teaching methods and immersion program activities, through data collection and interviews in Malang. This presentation will not only confirm the program’s success based on LTI assessments, but also explain factors that have contributed to the success and challenges of the program.