April 23rd, 2014

The 15th International Conference on Maharashtra: Culture and Society “Interactions between Humans and the Natural World in Maharashtra”

April 23-26, 2014
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ

The theme of the conference encompasses a wide variety of relationships between humans and the natural world. “Interactions between Humans and the Natural World in Maharashtra” examines the intentional and unintentional effects of human actions on the environment, as in agriculture, gardening, water management, forestry, and mineral extraction, as well as studies highlighting the constraints and inspiration that the natural world provides to human social and cultural activities, including material culture, literature, ritual life, work, and recreation. Papers will encompass environmental history, the health effects of environmental change, pastoralist and agricultural economics, the sociology and politics of environmental preservation, sustainable tourism, and the religious and literary valuation of the landscape in Maharashtra.