November 8th, 2012

Daoist Life and the Policies of the Chinese Government Toward Religions

“Daoist Life and the Policies of the Chinese Government Toward Religions”
Roundtable Discussion: Chinese Religion

Thursday, November 8, 2-4:45 pm
Location: Hayden Library C-6
Campus: Tempe

As a major indigenous religio-philosophical tradition of China, Daoism has played an important role in the life of the people of China for well over eighteen hundred years. The outward expressions of Daoism are its rituals, passed on from generation to generation by Daoist ritual specialists throughout the centuries.

In this rare opportunity, attendees of this roundtable discussion will have the opportunity to meet with a delegation of Daoists from China’s White Cloud Abbey, and engage in a face-to-face discussion regarding the White Cloud Abbey Daoist Practitioners’ lives, religious practices, and the relationship between religious organizations and the Chinese government. As a round table discussion, students can include questions regarding Chinese government relations with religion as well as anything people might want to know about Daoism or the monastic life.

This event is sponsored by: Center for Asian Research, Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies, International Letters and Cultures, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences