ASU Libraries Collaborates with ASU Museum and Herberger Institute to Create a New Artists in Residence Program

He Gong, ASU 1st Artist in ResidenceRalph Gabbard, of Hayden Library, Gordon Knox, Director of ASU Art Museum, and Claudia Brown, Professor, Herberger Institute of Design, are pleased to announce the beginning of  an exciting new Artist in Residence program, a collaboration between the ASU Libraries, the Herberger Institute, and ASU Art Museum. This program will bring Chinese artists to ASU who will exhibit their work on campus, visit classes, and provide public lectures.

The first visiting artist will be He Gong, an international renowned artist of contemporary Chinese art. He Gong received a BFA in Painting and Drawing from Southwest China Normal University, Chongquing, China, in 1982; and earned an MFA, from Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts in 1985. He also studied in the United States and Canada. He currently resides in Chengdu, and is on the faculty at Sichuan University. A recent exhibit, From Without Time, is on display at the Contemporary Museum of Art, in Chengdu. Information about He Gong’s programs and exhibitions at ASU will be shared prior to his arrival in February 2014.

As a companion piece to the Artist in Residence program. ASU artists will join artists in the Highland Artists Community, an art community located outside of Chengdu, China. The Highland Artists Community, created in 2010, isled and organized by He Gong. ASU’s first exchange artist is Justine Silving. Justine is a Barrett Honors College graduate who majored in Art Studies and minored in Chinese. She arrived in the art community in September 2013, and is currently working on two projects with Ralph Gabbard; feminist artists in Chengdu and the art scene in Chengdu.