Council for South Asian Studies

With particular focus on the countries of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, the South Asia Council brings together faculty, graduate students, and associates from across the University. The faculty represent a rich diversity of disciplinary interests including Religious Studies, History, Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, Film Studies, Economics, Communications, Design, Business, Language Studies, Sustainability, and Community Resources and Development. The Council supports the advancement of the Asian Studies major, undergraduate and graduate studies in Religions of Asia and in Islam in a Global Context, the Islamic Studies certificate, and the certificate for Religion and Conflict. ASU’s South Asian studies faculty are world renowned, with active research projects, and maintain a diversity of professional networks across South Asia. ASU is an institutional member of both the American Institute of Indian Studies and the American Institute of Pakistan Studies and regularly partners and collaborates with colleagues in South Asia for a variety of research and programmatic projects. Every semester the South Asia Council organizes a forum to support and advance the intellectual pursuits of the faculty and graduate students. The South Asia Council also helps organize a number of seminars, film showings, musical events, and other activities. Council members regularly organize and participate in international conferences and workshops at ASU, in South Asia, and around the world.

South Asia Council Members