Council for East Asian Studies

The Council for East Asian Studies comprises  faculty, graduate students and associates who teach courses or conduct research on China, Japan, or Korea, as well as those who engage in pan-regional and cross-boundary research on East Asia. Areas of interest include language, linguistics, literature, history, art history, thoughts, religion, technology, film, geography, conservation, political science, public administration, copyright law, and print culture.

The council works with various units on campus conducting research and education on East Asia. Each year, frequent lectures, symposia, workshops, conferences, and performances are sponsored by such units as the Confucius Institute and National Chinese Language Flagship; several members in the council are awarded with external grants including those from the Institute for Advanced Study, the Guggenheim Foundation, and National Endowment for Humanities; and scholarly exchanges continue through partnering universities in China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. From 2011 to 2014, a grant from the Japan Foundation is sponsoring a series of events open to students and the community at large including film screenings, print exhibits, and a conference on 3.11 (the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster along the eastern coast of the main island of Japan).  The schedule will be made available shortly.

East Asia Council Members