Global Asia in a Multipolar World                                

Vernacularizing Nature: Plasticities of the "Eco" in India's Public Parks


by Kajri Jain, Professor of Visual Culture & Contemporary Art (University of Toronto)

Date & Time: Friday, April 29, 2022, at 11:00 AM (AZT)

Location: Zoom



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This talk examines a range of public parks in contemporary India to ask some basic questions about what figurations of “nature”—other-than-human beings, landforms, water bodies—can mean and do. What happens to such figurations in the encounter between global discourses of nature, ecology, or environmentalism and other vernacular logics of presenting and representing "nature"? What kind of traction has the Romanticism informing much environmentalist sentiment gained in an expressive context where religious images are still efficacious, and where the prefix “eco-” may or may not make sense? And how does the plasticity of the “eco” in these places of public nature illuminate and interrogate current approaches to the efficacies of images and religion in the environmental humanities?