Study Abroad

Arizona State University provides diverse opportunities for students to travel and study in Asia. Many are organized through the ASU Study Abroad Office, while various schools provide opportunities as well. Please explore the links below. 

The ASU Study Abroad Office administers more than 300 study abroad programs in over 60 countries around the world. Currently, ASU students interested in Asian Studies have opportunities for studying in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. Students can study abroad during the summer term, fall semester, spring semester or full academic year. Below is a comprehensive list of some of the Asian Study Abroad Programs facilitated through and outside of ASU. More information regarding these programs, as well as funding, may be found by clicking the name of each program. 

Luce Scholars

Luce Scholar’s Program

Over the last 30 years, as Luce Scholar alumni have risen to positions of authority in their professional lives, they have demonstrated a continuing interest and involvement in Asia through the professional links and personal friendships they made as interns in the Luce Scholars program. The heart of the program lies in the organizational placements arranged by The Asia Foundation for each Luce Scholar on the basis of his or her individual career interest, experience, and training. The range of organizations that have hosted Luce Scholars over the years reflects the dynamism of Asia, and is as broad as the scope of talents and interests of the scholars themselves.


ASU: AIDS Prevention Education Internship in India (SHESC)">ASU: AIDS Prevention Education Internship in India (SHESC) in Chennai, India

CET Academic Programs: Varanasi, India

Duke Global Education: Duke Semester in India

American Institute of Indian Studies: Hindi, Tamil, Bengali Language Programs

IES Abroad: Delhi, India

South India Term Abroad (SITA) Program

UNC India Study Abroad Program

Buddhist Studies in Bodh Gaya, India with Carleton Global Engagement

Since 1979, the Buddhist Studies in Bodh Gaya, India program has encouraged undergraduate students to deeply engage with the theory and practice of Buddhism. Originally founded by Antioch Education Abroad (AEA), the program has been operated since 2016 by Carleton College, which continues AEA's tradition of immersive, academically rigorous, field-based study abroad programs.

Program participants:

  • Live and study in a Buddhist monastery in Bodh Gaya, a major pilgrimage center in northeast India.

  • Enroll in 16 semester credits of liberal arts coursework, transcripted by Carleton College. See the course list here.

  • Engage in month-long independent study projects (see sample projects here), which may involve travel to other parts of India or elsewhere in South Asia.

Application deadline: March 15

Scholarship deadline: March 30

Tibetan Mind/Body Sciences Summer Study Abroad Program in Dharamsala and Mundgod, India. 

The Tibetan Mind/Body Sciences program in India is a five-week long study abroad opportunity that brings together the best of both western science and the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  Participants meet leading spiritual teachers of the Tibetan tradition, often including the Dalai Lama, and engage in the ongoing dialogue between Tibetan Buddhism and modern science.  Course work includes the study of Tibetan culture, Tibetan medicine, Buddhist philosophy, contemplative practice, and secular ethics. Students also have direct interaction with Tibetan monks and nuns studying neuroscience, biology, and physics.

The application is currently open and the deadline to submit the application is January 29, 2018. Please contact for more information.


Study Nonviolence & Jain Dharma/Religious Tradition

Jain Dharma/Religion originated in India several thousand years ago. An elder cousin of Buddhism, Jain dharma teaches a lifestyle rooted in the practice of unconditional nonviolence. 

Its teachings inspired and influenced Mahatma Gandhi. Students and scholars will learn about Jain traditions from learned lay scholars as well as practicing monks and nuns in India.

The Program is designed for undergraduate and graduate students, Post-Doctoral Fellows, full time faculty and High School Teachers with an interest in the Jain Studies and ahimsa (nonviolence). The three, four  and six week long, stand alone and separate intensive courses in International Summer School for Jain Studies (ISSJS) 2018 will entail morning lectures, afternoon field trips, visits to some schools, time in a few ancient cities and meetings with Jain professionals, monks and  nuns. 

For the last 13 years, every summer, ISSJS have been offered regularly in India. The number of participants has seen a steady increase every year. Nearly 800 students and scholars from many universities and High Schools have participated in ISSJS programs so far. 

We are excited to be offering ISSJS-2018 in its 14th annual year.  

                ISSJS is unique in that; 

  • It is an experiential and India based program and makes India a classroom for the study of ahimsa /nonviolence, Jain, history, art, culture and philosophy.
  • This program is highly subsidized by the Jain community.
  • For Program Details & Application, Visit our website 

Last Date to Apply is March 1st, 2018

Emory Tibetan Studies Abroad Dharamsala, India

Emory University and its partner the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics (IBD) weave together rigorous academic study, field research, cultural immersion and contemplative practice to provide a unique semester-long program for students interested in both India and Tibet.

 Sustainable Development course in Kerala, India

The University of Iowa is offering an international course titled “Sustainable Development: The Kerala experience.” The three-week course (December 27, 2017 to January 14, 2018, excluding dates of travel) is set in the state of Kerala in south India.  The course will provide an extraordinary opportunity for students to interact with highly acclaimed environment and development professionals, learn about many innovative eco-sensitive and culturally-sensitive development processes and techniques, and visit sites where these innovations have been implemented for several years.  All course participants will develop a clear understanding of the conflicting challenges of economic development and environmental protection, and of culture, politics and the uneven geographies of opportunity in a developing country.  

To apply or for more information, contact: Dr. Jerry Anthony or 319-335-0622.

India Summer Program: Service Learning & Cultural Immersion

The ACM India Summer Program: Service Learning & Cultural Immersion in Puna, India is a short-term summer opportunity open to current students and recent graduates.  This six-week program (with the option to extend to eight weeks) takes students to Pune, India, where they will be immersed in Indian culture.  A key component of the program is service learning work with a non-governmental organization (NGO) for the duration of the program.

AIIS Language Study in India

The American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) is now accepting applications for our 2018-19 summer, semester, and academic year language programs. AIIS offers intensive, immersion-based instruction in over 15 modern and classical South Asian languages at multiple sites in India. AIIS language programs in India have been helping to launch the careers of U.S.-based scholars of South Asia for nearly fifty years. Many regional experts in government, NGOs, and the private sector got their start with the AIIS through this intensive immersion to language and culture in their Indian environments. Over 4,000 students have completed programs through the Institute.

Deadline: December 31, 2017



ASU: Japanese Language & Religion in Hiroshima">ASU: Japanese Language & Religion in Hiroshima in Hiroshima, Japan

CIEE: Arts and Sciences Program at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo International University">Tokyo International University in Tokyo, Japan

George Washington University Summer Japanese Program

HIF Summer Intensive Japanese with Home Stay in Hokkaido, Japan

Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies, Yokohama, Japan

Kobe College Corporation

Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies

Japanese Language in Hiroshima, Japan

The five-week “Japanese Language in Hiroshima” summer program provides students with a varied and rich experience of ordinary Japanese life though home stays, daily interaction with Japanese university students, and numerous participatory events. The program primarily takes place on the beautiful hillside campus of Hiroshima Shudo University, located just 25 minutes by bus from downtown Hiroshima. Students stay at the Seminar House on campus and will have special opportunities to interact with Japanese host families. Students earn seven credit hours, consisting of five credits of either second- or third-year Japanese and two credits of REL 394: Japanese Religion and Culture.

More study abroad

Advanced Study of Khmer (ASK) Program, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Advanced Study of Thai, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Alam Bahasa- Indonesian Language Course

Blakemore Freeman Fellowships for Advanced Asian Language Study

CET Academic Programs: Vietnam Immersion

COTIM: The Consortium for the Teaching of Indonesian and Malay

International School for Jain Studies (ISJS)

International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT)

Berkeley Urdu Language Program in Pakistan

University of Virginia’s Study Abroad Program in New Delhi

University of Wisconsin, Madison: South Asia Summer Language Institute (SASLI)

International Summer School for Jain Studies (ISSJS)

The International Summer School for Jain Studies (ISJS) is accredited by Mangalayatan University for students to earn three credit units by providing scholars/students in philosophy, religion, anthropology, theology and South Asian studies associated with any recognized/accredited university systems an opportunity to pursue experiential and academic studies of Jainism in India. 

Summer Study Abroad in Laos (SAIL)

The Center for Lao Studies (CLS) in collaboration with the Northern Illinois University offers a five week Summer Study Abroad at the Loa-American College located in the heart of Vientiane. This intensive program combines individual language tutorials, diversified field trips, and experienced on-site staff to allow students the opportunity to study Lao and learn cross-cultural skills while earning up to 10 undergraduate credits in language and culture.

University of Arizona Study Abroad

The University of Arizona launched its inaugural study abroad in Mysore, India in the summer of 2016. This opportunity gave students credit in U of A’s RELI 230 Religion and Culture in India as well as RELI 345 Religion and the Arts in India.The course is designed as a research course in which students are guided through fieldwork methodology as they work on primary documents (colonial records or art). The course was held at the Quorum Hotel with introductory lectures taking place at the hotel but subsequent lectures on site in Mysore or during excisions to Bangalore, Shravanabelagola, Halebidu, Belur, Bylakupe, and Vijayanagara/Hampi.

For more information regarding the U of A’s Mysore Study Abroad, click here.