AT Steele Lecture Series: Understanding Tourist’s Involvement with Pop Culture: A Case of Korean Pop Culture

Dr. Woojin Lee, Associate Professor 

While the power of pop culture has increased tourism demand in showcased destinations, there has been little empirical research investigating tourists’ involvement with pop culture. Based on a survey of Chinese tourists who visit South Korea, this research seeks to identify four different levels of involvement tourist groups. More specifically, adapting the conceptual framework of Psychological Continuum Model (PCM), the research investigates the linkage between tourists’ involvement with pop culture and general outcomes of tourism experiences. The findings suggest that tourists have different levels of involvement with Korean pop culture: awareness, attraction, attachment and allegiance, and the four groups have different characteristics in terms of demographics, visit purpose, tourists’ fulfillment (utilitarian and hedonic value), attitude toward visiting of Korea and revisit intention to Korea.

Tuesday, March 28th
COOR 6615