Join us on November 4th at 2:00 pm to engage in a conversation with our panelists, hear their professional and personal experiences during the covid 19 pandemic, and discuss how we can support each other. To join via zoom, please click on the link below.

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Student Panelists

John Billing (Sam) - PhD Candidate

Sam is a doctoral student in the East Asian Languages and Civilazation program at ASU. Sam is a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellow, and conducting research on classical Chinese. 

Emily Creasman - Undergraduate Student

Emily Creasman is a junior at Arizona State University currently working towards an undergraduate degree in East Asian Studies with a minor and certification in Korean Studies. She is very passionate about teaching Korean culture and language to others whether it be through my travel blog, photography, or in person. After graduating, she aspire to work in South Korea as a Tourism and Cultural Advisor. Emily was also a FLAS Fellow.

Beiyin Deng - PhD Candidate

Beiyin is a doctoral candidate in the Religious Studies program at ASU. She is an international student from China, and studying transborder trade of Buddha statues from Myanmar to China.

Mulung Hsu - PhD Candidate

Mulung is a doctoral candidate in Religious Studies program at ASU. Mulung is also an international student from Taiwan. He is currently conducting research on death, funeral, and community service in Myanmar.

Ronae Matriano - PhD Student

Ronae is a second year PhD student studying Family and Human Development. Their research interests focus on Asian American diasporic identity, mental health, racism, critical consciousness, and interracial solidarity. Ronae is also a member of Desert Diwata which is a local community organization which seeks to provide healing and connection through art and education for the Asian community in Arizona.