Featured Course: JPN/SLC394: Japanese Civilization

Instructor: William C. Hedberg (SILC)

Tuesday/Thursday 10:30-11:45 (3 credits)

General Studies Designations:  "G"


JPN/SLC 394 provides an overview of the entire sweep of Japanese history and culture from the earliest inhabitants of the Japanese archipelago, c. 30,000 BCE, to the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011 and beyond. The course covers the main events, narratives, and individuals of Japanese history through documentary sources and literary works such as plays, novels, poetry, and anime/manga. In addition, the course introduces important events and individuals, recurring themes, and prominent literary and artistic works. Particular attention will be paid to the interconnections between religious, economic, social, political, and literary aspects of Japanese history and culture.  The course and all readings are in English, and no knowledge of Japanese is expected or required.

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