AT Steele Photographs Now in the ASU Digital Repository

American journalist A.T. Steele made the challenging trek to Tibet in 1939 and again in 1944, and he created a series of amazing photographs documenting the childhood and family of the 14th Dalai Lama and the history, geographyand culture of Tibetan peoples. ASU’s Center for Asian Research digitized the photos and transcribed Steele’s descriptions, and Special Collections has now added those materials to the ASU Digital Repository for global access. Read more »

CAR Welcomes the New Center on the Future of War to ASU

The Center for Asian Research would like to welcome the new Center on the Future of War, Directed by Daniel Rothenberg. Daniel RothenbergThe Center on the Future of War is a new interdisciplinary policy-oriented initiative that addresses multiple approaches to the ways in which war and conflict are changing as a result of technological advances, shifting political allegiances and broad global challenges from climate change to increased competition over resources. Read more »

ASU Students Participate in International Japanese Language Project

As part of the international “Construction of Japanese Language Learners’ Corpus with Overseas Collaboration  - Based on an Organic Relation Between Research and Construction,” two researchers from Japan interviewed 51 ASU students of Japanese language in February 2014. ASU is the only US institution where interviews were conducted with learners of Japanese who are also native speakers of English.  Read more »

2014 Western Conference for the Association of Asian Studies

October 2-4, 2014

The 2014 WCAAS Asia Studies Conference at ASU opens with a welcome reception on the evening of Thursday, October 2 at the ASU Brickyard Ceramic Center in Downtown Tempe and continues with more than twenty panels featuring scholarly papers on East, South, and Southeast Asia on the Friday and Saturday. Read more »

ASU Professor Hjorleifur Jonsson Publishes New Book on SEA Iu Mien

Arizona State University anthropologist Hjorleifur Jonsson has spent well over two decades researching the cultural dynamics and ethnohistories of the diverseLief Jonsson peoples of Southeast Asia, particularly ethnic minorities of the mainland. One thing he has discovered in his work is the unifying, not divisive, nature of difference.

The Arizona State University associate professor’s latest book, based on this premise, is being released this month from Cornell University Press. Read more »

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